Sunday, June 11, 2006

Femme Phone

My Friend Bernie ( put up a post that said he has the most uncool phone. Naturally that is not true, as my phone is much uncooler. I had a pretty good basic Nokia phone when I first "went cellular," but I didn't know I could use it in Taiwan so I gave it away when I left Seattle. The company I worked for when I first got to Taiwan gave me a phone to use for two years, but when I stopped working there I had to give it back. I needed to get a new phone, but I am not a very good shopper so I asked my friend, Brigit, if she would go buy one for me and I'd give her the money. I told her, "Just don't buy a chick phone."Well, she was busy and I was busy and so I decided it would be easier if I just went and bought something myself. I thought I wanted a flip phone, so I picked the only flip phone from a brand name I'd heard of. When I got home I showed it to Brigit and my other roommate, and they just stared for a second. Then Brigit said, "I thought you didn't want a chick phone?" Then they laughed and laughed.

Besides being a girl phone, the buttons are too small for my big manly fingers.

Note the partially worn away Snoopy decal with my name. Name decals are very popular in Taiwan.

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