Saturday, July 01, 2006

Running Out of Gas

When Jessica and I left Kenting, we were both glad to get moving again. Checking out of the hotel took longer than we had hoped, and we had a lot of ground to cover before night. In fact, I was hoping to get all the way back to Hsinchu--a hope that later turned out to be unrealistic.

I know I should have checked the gas gauge before we left Kenting. We even passed a couple of gas stations on the way, which should have reminded me to look down and see how much was left in the tank. But I didn't.

We were a few kilometers out of town, and I guess I was going a little slow, so Jessica said, "Jia yo," which is a phrase of encouragement which literally means, "add gas," as in "give it some gas". It is usually used to tell someone to "go". For example, in a competition you might shout to your favorite, "Jia yo!" in the hopes that it would make him or her speed up, do better, etc.

Well, apparently I was driving a little too slowly. The road was wide and visibility was good. Plus there was a beautiful view of the ocean. I guess I was just taking it easy and enjoying the scenery. Anyway, when Jessica said, "jia yo," I believe she meant it as an encouragement to speed up. I took it as, "add gas," and I looked down at the gauge to see that the needle was deep in the red zone.

We ended up making it to the edge of the next town (Man Jiu) before we ran out of gas. I pushed for a while, but it was hotter than Satan's codpiece, so we stopped and flagged a group of young folk on scooters. They went and bought us some gas while I enjoyed a cold beverage.

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