Friday, July 07, 2006

That of which I am scared...

I mentioned in a previous post that I have some fears about riding on the back of a motorcycle. The truth is, I am a little bit afraid of being in a moving vehicle of any kind. Some of my friends in Seattle used to always make me ride in the back seat (even if I was the only passenger in the car) because I irritate drivers by always putting my hands on the dash board and making frightened sounds.

I decided to try to put a name to my fear, but I found that there are several possibilities:

Amaxophobia -- fear of riding in a vehicles
Gephyrophobia -- fear of crossing a bridge
Kinetophobia -- fear or dislike of motion
Tachophobia -- fear of speed

While looking up information on phobias I also came across several that I might be accurately accused of having, but that are not related to my fear of transportation. For example, there is Demophobia, the dislike of crowds. Keeps me pretty nervous here in Taiwan, where the population density is 23 times that of the U.S. (US pop. density is 29.77 people per sq. km, In Taiwan it is 685.47 people per sq. km).

Here's a list of phobias. Some of them don't seem like phobias but realistic fears, like traumatophobia, the fear of injury. Who isn't afraid of being injured? Others are just weird, like Zemmiphobia, the fear of the great mole rat.

For a list of population densities by country, go here.

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