Monday, August 07, 2006


Remember before how I was whining about how I can't use Firefox to watch any videos on YouTube? Well, it has been driving me crazy (short trip) ever since my friend Bernie--who, by the way, has a wonderful blog called "Snirkles"--told me that he uses Firefox and has not had any problems with watching videos on YouTube.

He was basically telling me that it was MY problem (an "m.p."), not Firefox's problem (an "f.p.").

I went nuts and uninstalled and reinstalled Java, Flash, and Firefox three or four times each. I changed every possible setting. I uninstalled any and all extensions for Firefox. Still couldn't watch the vids.

Then, tonight, I was searching for an answer online. Unfortunately, I have very limited understanding of technical things, so most of what I read makes no sense at all. Still, I had narrowed things down to something called "chrome." Now, I still don't know what "chrome" is, but my Java console was giving me the message that something was wrong with this chrome business, and furthermore, this something that was wrong was related to something called "flashblock."


I recalled that back in the misty recesses of history I had once installed an extension called Flashblock. Its purpose is to stop all Flash animations from executing until you give the go ahead (thereby speeding up your browsing experience). Well, I had found it an annoying extension, so I uninstalled it long, long ago. Since then I've uninstalled Firefox a number of times, re-installed Mozilla, uninstalled Mozilla, installed Opera, uninstalled Opera, re-installed Firefox, and uninstalled all of the extensions for Firefox.

Live and learn. It seems that, like so many programs that end up on our computers these days, Flashblock never really gets fully uninstalled unless you go in and manually delete certain lines of code in certain files. In fact, Firefox is the same way. It might seem gone, but if you uninstall it and then re-install it, you'll find that all your bookmarks and other settings are right back where they were when you uninstalled.

Well, I'm no programmer, so I just went in and started deleting stuff. I knew that what I was doing could cause me some serious trouble, but god damn it, I was ready to toss the whole machine out the window. Macintosh was looking better and better to me every minute.

Anyway, after I deleted some files I restarted Firefox and went to YouTube and now I can see videos again.

Praise Him!

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