Monday, August 07, 2006


I have a question about SPAM (the unwanted email type, not the edible type):

Why do I keep getting it?

Yahoo and Gmail both boast about how they are agressively going after spammers and doing their utmost to eliminate spam from the internet. Despite all of this, I get about twenty spam messages per day in my Yahoo account and about ten per day in my Gmail account (which I have only used once or twice). And the thing that really bugs me is that they are all coming from about three or four sources. Sure the names are different, but the subject lines are the same. Further still, I have been getting the same spam emails from the same spammers for about three years.

Can't someone track these creeps down and take away their computers or something? I mean, they seem to be leaving a clear enough trail.

I know, both Yahoo and Gmail filter most of them out into a special folder, and I can just delete them any time I want, but they are still there, and I know they are, and it drives me crazy.

Maybe for me it is a short trip.

Still, I am tired of being told that my order is ready for shipment, or that my home loan application has been approved, or that I can save 80% on various misspelled pharmaceuticals. Please. The last thing I need is Viagra--don't I have enough trouble without, you know, that? I also do not want to "check it out" or to "shoot like a film star" or "increase my volume by 500%" (well, actually that might not be so bad).

The one that really gets me, and I've been getting it in various forms for at least five years, is the one from some high-ranking bank official in some african country who wants me to help him get some money out of the country. I will have to allow him to access my bank account, of course, but after that I am guaranteed to receive a huge some of money tax free. This goes beyond spam and actually enters the realm of fraud.

Now, as preposterous as these claims and sales pitches are, the spammers wouldn't send them if someone didn't respond. I don't know who to hate worse: the spammers or those people who are stupid enough to fall for their scams.

Or maybe I've got it all wrong... I mean the "hate" thing. Maybe I'll start responding to each unsolicited email I get with "I love you."


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