Thursday, August 03, 2006

What's Up With MY Firefox?

So, after my last post, my friend Bernie commented and said that he uses Firefox and can see videos on You Tube with no problem. This piqued my interest in what the problem might be, so I went into the options in Firefox and made sure that Javascript was enabled. Then I downloaded the latest Flash player. Then I rebooted.

Nothing. Still no videos.

So I uninstalled Flash, uninstalled Firefox, and uninstalled Java. Then I downloaded new versions of all three, and checked to make sure all the settings were as required.

Nothing. Still no videos.

I read a few things online, and tried going into the Java controls to enable applet tag support for Mozilla and Netscape, but I got a message saying I couldn't do that. Seems you have to have Mozilla installed, not Firefox.

So I uninstalled Firefox again and installed Mozilla. Then I enabled applet tag support for Mozilla.

Nothing. Still no videos.

Now, if other people are watching videos on You Tube using Firefox (as my so-called friend claims he is doing), then I should be able to as well. And it shouldn't be this difficult to do so.

There must be something wrong with my computer, some setting deep inside the bloated Microsoft code that is keeping me from achieving my goal.

If anyone has a clue what I can do to fix this, let me know before I toss the whole damned machine out the window and buy an abacus.

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