Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Films of Josh Green

My friend Josh has been going to film school in Georgia for a long, long time now. That is him on the far right of the picture. I've included a link on my "friends" list (look to your right) to a few things he's put on YouTube. His films are a bit abstract and might make you feel woozy, but I like them. Here's a link to get to Josh Green's films on YouTube.

A little background: I met Josh in 1997 when we both ended up in a little town in southern Spain called Cádiz. We were roommates for a little while, and generally spent our days and nights making merry with our band of friends, the cruzcampeones (so named after our usual appearance with liter bottles of Cruzcampo clutched in our fists). In the last few years we more or less lost touch (as I have will all of the cruz gang), but I still consider him a good friend.

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