Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wu Duan-hou: Lugang's Lantern Master

When I was in Lugang recently, our tour group stopped at the lantern shop of Wu Duan-hou. He is a very famous lantern craftsman.

That's Wu Duan-hou in the background. He's the older man with the beard.

These next three pictures were intended to show how windy it was

Here's a short video clip outside the shop.

I got this information from the Chunghua County government's website that deals with master artisans in Lugang (also spelled Lukang).

Wu Duan-hou – Inheritor of Folk Lantern Art Skill
Residing in Jhungshan Road, Lugang Township, Changhua County, Wu Duan-hou is famous for his folk lantern art skill. His fame even spreads as far as USA, Japan, France, Netherlands, German, Korea, to just name a few. Wu’s family has lived in Lugang Township for generations. He opens a shop of his own, whose name is called “Wu Duan-hou’s Lantern Shop”. Wu won Traditional Art & Craft Award. He learned lantern art skill from master Wang since his childhood. He was taught to make Family-blessing Lantern in the shape of cylinder with names stereotyped by single color. Although he was struck with deafness in the year of 13, fortunately, he was not frustrated but remained his interest in making lanterns. At age 72, Wu has made lanterns for more than 50 years. His works have received high reputation for their delicacy and magnificence home and abroad. For the recent ten years, Wu is dedicated to teaching lantern-making art skills in Taiwan’s Municipal Social Education Halls and Culture Centers all around Taiwan. He also shows up in folk activities, elementary and high schools, wishing to make the intangible culture continue active.

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