Monday, January 01, 2007

American Friends

My Friend, Fali, wrote this about his experience with his American Friends.

"Unforgetable moments", those two words can perfectly define my experience with the American people. Other important things have happened and are happening in my life (like meeting my future wife) but this experience changed my way of thinking and behaving. If everybody has got crucial moments in his life, this would be one of them for me. I wouldn´t be the same person I am today, maybe I would be better but I wouldn´t be as "built" and fullfiled as I am with the life I live. I kind of lost a virginity I would have never lost if I had not known them. You could think it is a bit late to think so. But it has been with the passing of the time when I have been able to confirm it. There are a lot of paths in life you can choose, and my American friends helped me follow the one I really wanted to. I once told Mike, "You guys are my oxigen, what will I do when you leave?", that negative point of view has now dissapeared, since I continuously feel the presence and influence of you in my life, and that makes me feel comfortable and happy.

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