Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Future Me

Here's something kind of weird I found: a website where you can write an email to yourself and have it delivered at whatever date you want in the future.

It's called future me dot org.

I think the idea is that you think about where you want to be with your life at some time in the future, then write an email to remind yourself of what your goals are (or at least what they were at the time you wrote the email).

Maybe that is the idea. I don't really know.

I sent an email to myself to be delivered in one year. It was actually kind of hard to come up with what to write. I've never been all that goal oriented, opting instead for the "bend like the willow" philosophy (or lack of philosophy). I wish I'd copied what I wrote so I could post it here, but I didn't, and I really don't remember. It was probably something trite. I'm sure I'll get it in a year and delete it before reading it on the assumption that it is SPAM.

Maybe I'll start sending one to myself every month, or week, or day! That'll keep me honest!

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