Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Food Street

My apartment is near Tsing Hua University, and in addition is a generally busy area. Because of this, or maybe as a result of it, there are a lot of food stands and restaurants.I usually refer to the area as "food street."When my friend was here during Chinese New Year, most of the shops were closed, so it was kind of strange to me, and not a very typical experience of the area for him.As you can see in the above picture, there are still a lot of scooters parked along the street, but normally there are cars double and triple parked all up and down the road, and there are hundreds of people milling around.
The picture above is of a typical fruit stand in Taiwan, also located near my home.As you can see from the above picture, not all of the shops are traditional. Convenience stores in Taiwan are extremely common--I even lived on a street that had two 7-elevens directly across from each other.One of the first meals my friend had in Taiwan was at a dumpling shop near my apartment. We had a couple cokes and some steamed dumplings.There are a lot of different kinds of dumplings in Taiwan: steamed, boiled (shui jiao), and fried (guo tie, aka potstickers), just to name a few.You can also get other kinds of food in my neighborhood. The restaurant above has Italian food.Here I am at the teppan yakki restaurant.

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