Saturday, February 24, 2007

A long and fruitful ten days...

My friend, Bernard Oulette, just left Taiwan bound for Seattle after spending ten days hanging out with me. We had some really great experiences that spanned many of the extremes of Taiwan's diversities.

One day we were watching two people in stuffed animal suits doing some retarded dance in the world's tallest building, and the next day we were high in the mountains visiting a family who make a living by cutting bamboo and whose living conditions, for my lack of a better vocabulary, could be described as "third world."

We rode a spotless high-speed train, and we careened down a rainy mountain side in a bus packed like a sardine can with people (which, by the way, scared the living bejeesus out of both of us, even if the locals seemed to think of it as something of a theme park ride).

We ate weird stuff, and Bernie even had lit candles stuffed into his ears in the middle of a teaming night market.

In the last ten days I've done more and seen more of Taiwan than I have done in the previous four years that I've lived here. On top of that, I had a friend to hang out with, someone with whom I could share these foreign experiences. My ribs actually ached for three days because this was the first time I really laughed uncontrollably in a long time.

I've got a million photos and videos to share, which I hope I'll get online soon, but tonight I am tired and dirty and all twisted up inside about how great it was to have someone from my old life finally come and share part of my new life. Now someone back home (other than my "Taiwan Refugee" friends) will finally have an understanding of what the hell I'm talking about when I visit Seattle.

Thanks, Bernard.

(By the way, I'm sure Bernie will be posting a ton of this shit on his own blog, You Tube, and Yahooh photos site, so check that as well if you feel the urge).

A final note to my friends back home: come and visit. I'll put you up and I'll do my best to show you the "town." Bernie might tell you that I suck as a tour guide, but I still think he got his money's worth out of the trip, and then some. Plus, you'll be helping poor lonely me.

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