Thursday, February 22, 2007

Travels with Bernie

Hello, dear readers.

What a busy few days it has been. Whew!

Bernard and I have been traveling around Taiwan, trying to get a taste of as much Taiwanese culture as possible before he has to leave.

The picture up there with me next to the word "love" is an art installation just outside of the Taipei 101 building. We went there and had a great time looking at the fog from the highest building in the world. We also got to watch the new mascot of Taipei 101, the Damper Baby (named after the giant wind damper ball suspended in the building that keeps the wind from knocking the building down) do its damper dance. I'll include some film in the near future to make it a little more clear what I'm talking about.

Right now it is late, so I'm not going to post anything else, but once that bastard Bernard gets his lazy, shiftless, no-good ass out of my house, I'll have some time to get some pictures and videos up here for your viewing pleasure.

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