Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weird Statue Garden Place

At the top of Gu Qi Feng in Hsinchu, there is a big temple to a deity called Guang Gong. The temple is topped with a sixty-foot statue of Guang Gong. It is pretty cool.

I got the following information from the Hsinchu City Government website, so I can't vouch for it's accuracy:

Gu Qi Feng Cultural Museum
Address : No.66, Lane 306, Gaofeng Road, Hsinchu City
Phone : 03-5225287
Hours : Monday to Sunday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Admission : Monday to Friday (NT $2000), Saturday and Sunday (Free)

The Gu Qi Feng neighborhood once had a flourishing glass industry. In Alley 306 and Alley 324 of Gaofong Road, local artisans still occasionally perform glass-blowing demonstrations. The most famous tourist attraction in Gu Qi Feng is the 120-meter-high statue of Guan Gong (a Taoist martial deity) in the Putian Temple complex. The giant statue is a nine-story building with a different exhibitions on each floor, including displays about the history of Guan Gong, Buddhist statues, the 24 Filial Exemplars, Chinese and Japanese antiques, scenic photos from the Japanese colonial era, ancient beds, four-faced Buddhas, statues, of the Jade Emperor, and a model rain collection from the Japanese era. The temple also houses a deity of matchmaking that attracts many worshipers.

Adjacent to the temple complex is a very strange park that has hundreds of statues from all kinds of time periods and cultures. It looks like at one time it was a tourist attraction, but it seems all but abandoned now. I took a lot of photos of the place that you can see on my yahoo photos page. [sorry, since I posted this Yahoo discontinued its photo service.]

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