Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This morning I got up after an hour's sleep and got a ride down to the train station. My dad's friend, Roger, gave me the ride. He is a cab driver, but he took me in his own car and didn't charge me. Nice guy, that Roger.

I can't say I'm all that impressed with Amtrak. It seemed like kind of a clusterf#@k at the station, as we had to stand in line to check in, then stand in line again to get our seat assignments. Then, once on the train, some of the seats that had been assigned didn't exist, which caused some general confusion and the conductor kept saying, "I can't believe they haven't fixed that yet."

The train was comfortable enough, but I was really hoping to get the most out of the scenery, which didn't happen. For one thing, it was pretty foggy. In addition, my seat was on the landward side, and I was on the aisle. To make it worse, I couldn't see out the ocean side because I was sitting across the aisle from the water machine, garbage, and steps to the lower level. No windows.

One last complaint is that the food and beverages were absurdly expensive. US$4.25 for a can of Bud. There ought to be a law!

I eventually got here, and Patrick was waiting for me. He picked me up and brought me home, and ever since we've been playing with babies. We went out for coffee; played with babies. Had a nice salmon dinner; played with babies. Drank a couple beers; played with babies.

So far my journey has gone pretty well, except I forgot to bring my camera. I guess I'll just buy one of those disposable ones for London. Sara took some pictures today, so I hope to get some copies.

I also just got an email from Anne, the woman I will be visiting in England, giving me all kinds of directions on how to get to where I'm going. Good thing I thought to check my email, or I'd have gone to the wrong place.

Alright. Now the babies have gone to sleep, so we big kids can play a little.

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