Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I recently got back to Taiwan after being on vacation for a month. While I was gone, I didn't take many photos. I guess I'm not much of a shutterbug. Also, when I was on my side trip to Canada and England, I forgot my camera, so I had to buy a couple of those disposable FILM cameras (I know, I know. I was like using clay tablets and a wooden stylus). I haven't gotten those pics developed yet, but it is on my to-do list for today. The problem with that is that the nearest photo lab is run by a really cranky fellow.

Luckily other people had cameras, so I have a few photos to share.

My first stop after leaving Seattle was Vancouver, B.C. I took the Amtrak up there, which, incidentally, was shut down a week later for safety concerns. Anyway, I was flying out of the Vancouver airport to go visit a friend in London, and that gave me the chance to visit my good friends Patrick and Sara and their eight-month-old twins Thomas and Lucy. I would have visited them whether I was flying to London or not, but it was convenient to combine trips.

We spent most of the time playing with babies, as you might guess people with two of them around might do. It was fun going places with Sara and the twins, because people assumed I was the father. When people would ask (as they inevitably did), "Are they twins?" I'd say, "Yeah. You want one?" That horrified a few folks.

Here are a few shots of me with the family:

Coincidentally, when I was in England I stayed with a family that had a four-month-old baby. We didn't get any pictures together, but he seemed to like me.

That's me: Loved by children and pets.

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