Friday, August 17, 2007

Bad Yahoo! Shame!

Over the last few years I've been posting the photos I take online at Yahoo photos. I wouldn't have thought of doing so, but they invited me. In fact, they damn near made it impossible not to when they announced unlimited storage. So whenever I went on a trip or had a get-together with friends, I'd post the photos. I must have spent days or even weeks putting all my pictures up there and organizing them. It was a labor of love.

Then, one day out of the blue I went to Yahoo photos and got a message that the service was being discontinued. To make matters worse, they offered no way to download my photos other than one at a time. I have almost four thousand photos posted, so that is impossible. The other options offered are to buy a CD of my photos (which I tried about twenty times but they won't accept my credit card and when I wrote to them explaining the problem they just scratched their heads and said "Geez. It ain't supposed to do that"), or to "migrate" my photos to another service, preferably their new photo site, which offers fewer features unless you pay for it.

Naturally I'm disappointed that Yahoo did such a poor job of notification, as well as of offering an option to do some kind of bulk download (not that I don't already have all my photos saved to disk, but I have them so perfectly organized on Yahoo...).

Well, bitch bitch bitch. Instead of sitting here crying, I've started posting photos on Facebook. It doesn't have all the fancy schmancy features Yahoo had, but at least I can use it to share photos with family and friends. At first, not having paid careful attention, I thought only Facebook members could look at the photos. Not true! This is good because I wouldn't recommend anyone join the enormous time-waster that Facebook is. So, I will be posting some links on this here goll-durned blog that interested parties can follow to see my online photo collections.

For starters, here's a few shots of my recent trip to England.

Here are some photos from last year's dragon boat races.

These pictures are from my visit to Canada to see my friends Patrick and Sara.

Unfortunately there isn't one link that will take you to all my photos, so I'll have to post each album's link separately. Not as convenient as Yahoo was, but at least the service isn't being discontinued (yet).

I'll post more links to more albums over the next few days.

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