Sunday, March 09, 2008

Taking Pictures of the Present

I was thinking about the whole living-in-the-present thing, and maybe I'm taking things too far, but if one really dedicates himself to living only in the now (other than to deal with practical issues), then why would that person ever take photographs?

Photos are just a moment in time captured in a visual image. The act of taking the photograph might be a "now" activity, but looking at photos is definitely looking into the past. I suppose for purely artistic photos it is a bit of a different story, but looking at old snapshots and portraits of family, friends, vacations, and so on, is just a way of trying to hold onto those past moments. Isn't it?

What about writing, and especially "journaling"? Isn't that also just a way of recording and holding onto the past?

Is that bad, or somehow harmful? Does looking at old photos or writing down one's thoughts and feelings block the path to enlightenment?

What about blogging?

Do I think about things too much?

Do I ask too many questions?

Am I thinking out loud and should I stop and write this in a notebook somewhere instead of putting my insane rambling out on the internet for all to see?

If you have answers to any or all of these questions, please leave a comment (even if it is just, "shut it, you lunatic!").

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