Friday, July 18, 2008

Typhoon... almost!

Actually, I've been in Hsinchu a number of times when everything was shut down because of a typhoon. Today, however, I guess the eye of the storm didn't get close enough, because it was business as usual. So I rode my scooter to work through what was basically the same thing as a car wash, plus ninety-mile-an-hour winds. Then, after a few hours, I rode home through basically the same thing. I'm glad to have risked my life so that five kids could reinforce their knowledge about how to say, "I can jump" in English.

Unfortunately, last I heard six people died in the storm.

The weird thing about Hsinchu is that usually typhoons are relatively mild. Some people (especially foreign English teachers) actually like them because they get the day off and traffic is very light. Today, however, we got whipped.

It is very calm and quiet now, at nine p.m.

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