Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Animal Cruelty On My Street

There are many people on my street that own dogs. The sad part about it is that none of them seem to have any reason to have a dog. They don't seem to like them or care about them. They don't interact with them, so the dogs are totally antisocial. They don't let them into their homes, and they don't have yards, so the dogs live in tiny cages or on three foot leashes. This is dog ownership in Taiwan.

The worst case on my street is an apartment that has six or seven dogs. At least six are beagles that are in a cage that I would feel bad keeping a guinea pig in. They are in constant physical contact with each other because there is not enough room for them to do anything but stand or lie in place. They cannot turn around without climbing over one of their cell mates. I took a picture, but you can't really tell how bad it is from the shot. Imagine a phone booth (remember those?) and then picture yourself living in one with another person and never being able to leave.

At least six beagles live in that tiny cage behind the black dog. They never leave the cage.

This same apartment also has another dog (see photo and video). I don't know what kind it is, but it is vicious. They keep him tied up on about three feet of chain. Maybe his purpose is to "protect" the other dogs. As miserable as his life is, it is a paradise compared to the ones in the cage.

I try not to be judgmental about stuff I see in Taiwan. I am a guest here. But this is just sick. There is absolutely no reason to treat animals this way. I assume these people raise beagles to sell them or something, but that is no excuse. Taiwan may or may not have animal cruelty laws, but that doesn't really matter. What these people are doing is a crime.

I live on Jian Gong first road, lane 53. This is in Hsinchu. Here's the Chinese:



建 功一路


I hope there are some animal rights activists around here. Personally, I don't know what I can do about it. It is frustrating. Maybe I could call the police, but as likely as not that wouldn't do any good. After all, it has been going on for the three years I've lived here and no one has done anything (including me). Anyway, if anyone wants to see this horrible scene in person, feel free to wander down my street. It will be easy to find these dogs, because as soon as you get near them, they will start barking and yelping hysterically. And if there is anything that can be done about the cruelty, please do it!

I wonder if I could do more, but to be honest, I fear reprisals. I live alone, and I am pretty easy to spot in my neighborhood. If I make enemies, it would be very easy for them to hurt me. As I've pointed out before in my blog, I am no hero. So I am just putting this information out there hoping it will reach the right person who can and will take some action.

Don't just wait for someone else to do something, and remember that we all share the earth together, humans, plants, and animals. I guess sometimes we have to hurt each other in order to survive, but there is no reason for intentional cruelty, and less for cruelty that is perpetrated due to "not realizing that one's actions are cruel."

The above is a short video clip I took. Soon after I started shooting it, a woman came out with a stick. She threatened the barking dogs, and apparently they are used to being beaten, as they quickly quieted down. She seemed surprised that anyone would take notice of the situation. After all, it is only a pack of dogs that bark, howl, whine, yelp, and whimper pretty much constantly 24 hours a day. And who would blame them?

I told her that "it is bad" and that "it was crazy." I don't know if she understood what I was trying to say.

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