Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Couple More EFL Games

Various Noun Ball Pass:
This game is played the same way as “Ball Pass”, but instead of letters, use the words; it is a great way to review. You can use the days of the week, the months of the year etc…

Ball Passing (Buzz):
This is a counting game. Have the students sit in a circle. The students pass around a ball while counting (1, 2, 3, etc…). When the number reaches 7 (or any random number) the student must say, “buzz.” You can play this game in which any number with the number (let’s say 7) must be replaced with “buzz” (7, 17, 27, 37, etc…) the other way to play is that with any multiple of the number (let’s say 7) must be replaced with “buzz” (like 14, 21, 28, etc…).

Balloon Pass II:
Have the children stand in a circle. Without using their hands, have the children pass around the balloon. If a child happens to use their hands or is unable to keep the balloon afloat, the child must then say an English word. This game is great for reviewing words, themes and so on.

This game works best when played in teams and lets the students take a shot (with a soft toy or ball) at the trashcan or box. This game works best in teams. Ask a student from the first team a question, if he/she answers correctly; he/she gets a shot at the basket. If the student gets the ball in the basket he/she gets 2 points, if not they just get the 1 point from answering the question correctly. The team with the most points wins.

Behind Your back:
Before the game starts, show the class the series of flashcards you intend to use. Give a series of descriptions for each one. (This game can be played in teams or as a whole class depending on the age and so on.) Have one child at a time come up to the front. Using tape, stick the picture on the child’s back. I have the children yell, “Turn around!” and then the child turns around so as the class can see the picture on his/her back. Have the children give descriptions as to what is on their back. The child then has to guess what the picture is. (When playing in teams, you can give extra points if it is guessed in less than three guesses. You can also play that if the other team happens to say anything, they lose a point.)

Blindfold Bell:
I played this game with the children at Christmas time and called it “Blind Santa.” Have the children sit in a circle with one child in the middle. The child in the middle needs to be blindfolded and as a bell gets passed from student to student the blindfolded child in the middle needs to catch the bell. Depending on the age group, spinning the child around a bit first to disorient them is fun.

Blindfold Course:
Make an obstacle course in your classroom (use desks, chairs, pillows etc…) put a blindfold on a student and have the rest of the class guide him/her by using simple instructions (e.g. walk two steps, turn right etc…)

Blindfold Guessing:
Blindfold a student and have them guess what they are touching. This works great with little plastic animals and toy fruits. This is a great way to review, stationary, classroom objects etc…

Blindfold Guess Who:
Have the children sit in a circle. Have one child sit in the center, blindfolded. The children then one by one say “Who am I?” and the child in the middle guesses who is talking. I usually have each child guess from about three different voices.

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