Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EFL Games Never End

Body Parts Touching Game:
Have two decks of cards. Each card should have a part of the body on it; the more parts there are the better. Separate the class into two or more teams. One child comes up to the front at a time and picks a card from each pile. The child then must try and touch the body part shown on one card with the one shown on the other. Obviously some of these will be near or completely impossible, but they will also be very amusing. Every success, or near success, wins a point for his/her team. Another simpler way of playing this is to have two children come up and each picks a card. One child then has to touch the part shown on their card with the other child’s part (e.g. nose to knee, mouth to elbow.) Even though this game is very simple, my younger children love it.

Body Ball:
This game is not a favorite with my co/workers, but it is definitely a favorite with my students. Have a deck of cards ready with pictures of various parts of the body on them. Have a child come up and chose a card. Have the class tell you what it is a picture of and repeat it several times. Then have the child stand behind the line and throw a very soft toy or ball at that part of your body. I give my students three tries and rarely do they even come close to hitting the right spot. (You can play this game in teams.)

Body Letters:
You will need quite a bit of space for this game. Have the children lie on the floor and have them make letters of the alphabet with their bodies.

Bugs Go Marching:
Make some laminated bugs and have them so that you can Velcro or pin them to the children. When I made my bugs, I made them really colorful and silly looking, with stripes and polka dots… the sillier the better. Have the children pick out their bugs one by one and return to their seats. Have the homeroom teacher play the song “The Ants go marching” (or find a recording of it if you can). I always start the marching while singing “The bugs go marching one by one hoorah, hoorah…” While singing I march around the row of students seated in the middle of the room. When the next verse comes, grab a student and link them behind your back while singing the next verse “The bugs go marching two by two….” Every time you begin the next verse, have another student ink on. Encourage the children to yell the “hoorahs” and the numbers, the louder the better. (Another suggestion, I don’t even know the words to the song, and the students don’t care. I fill the words with “bum-pa-da-da-da-da-da-da-da…”) It is the counting and the “hoorahs” that are important.)

Chair Switch:
For this game you will need to make a series of necklaces, each with an image as a pendant. Only 3,4or 5 images are needed, since there should be many children wearing the same image. Whatever images you choose, you need to have a flashcard of them, along with one depicting all the images you use on one card. On chairs, seat the children in a circle. Play some music and encourage the children to sing along. When the music stops, show one of the flashcards. All the children wearing that image must change seats, if someone ends up in the same seat they are out (for the younger kids, I have them write their names with their bum in the air, they think this is hilarious!) You can show two cards at a time, and all those children have to switch seats, but the funniest is when you show the flashcard with all the images on it, because then they all have to scatter around switching seats, laughing, frantically.

There are so many different versions of charades I play with my kids. It’s a great way to review 9 I like playing charades because it lets my shier kids get a chance at more out going.) I play it with topics such as: employment, emotions, vehicle, animal, insect, sport… the list goes on forever… all you need are some flashcards.

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