Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More EFL Games

Airplane Competition:
First, have your students make paper airplanes. Stand the students in a line, side by side and let them test fly their planes. For the competition assign different classroom objects for the children to hit with their planes. I use this game also when learning the body parts and various other themes. Have the students try and hit the specific part you tell them to. You can also ask a question first and only if they answer correctly are they given the chance to fly their plane. All these work well in teams, and my kids love it.

All Aboard The Color Train:
This game is best for the really young kids. Make different colored train tickets and laminate them. Hand out the colors to the children and loudly say “All aboard the color train!” Randomly pick a color. The children must give you that colored ticket to board the train. Have the children join face to back each with their hands on the shoulders of the children ahead of them. Move around the room making train noises, to music is best.

Animal Noises:
(This game is great if you have the book ‘Inside the Barn in the Country’ Cut out farm animals and laminate them. Make some headbands and put Velcro on the backs of the cut out animals as well as on the fronts of the headbands. Take the same animal images used for the headbands and make large versions of them, laminate them and put them on the board. Give each student a headband and an animal. (If you have a copy of the book “Inside the Barn in the Country,’ read it to them, but any animal story will work, whether it be ‘Old MacDonald’ or ‘Goodnight Gorilla’) Have the children sit in a row facing the front of the class. Go through the animals on the board, reminding the children what noise each animal makes. Now start the game. Each time you point to an animal, have the child with that animal on their headband stand up and make that noise. The first time it is best to go slowly, but the fun of the game is to go faster and faster. As you go through the list the children get better and better, so then you can ix up the order of the animals so they don’t know which to expect. The faster you go and the more you mix it up, the more mixed up the children become, and the funnier it is for both you and the children.

Animal Race:
You will need a bigger space for this game. Have your children sit in a row facing the front of the room. At the front of the class, place two chairs side by side about a meter apart. These chairs should be on one side of the front and have the same on the left side so that there is lots of room between them. Pick two children and have them sit on the chairs. The goal of this game is not about who the fastest animal is, but who the best animal imitator is. Tell them to “slither like a snake, hop like a rabbit, swim like a shark etc…” Be sure to yell “One, Two Threeeeeeee…. Go!” The children will leap from their chairs and race across to the chairs on the other side. Have the rest of the class judge who the best animal was and write their name on the board. At the end of the round have the best animals race each other. This game also is also great when learning about transportation e.g. “fly liker an airplane, etc…”

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