Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Preparation EFL Games

I was going through my computer files and deleting old stuff when I came across this. I was about to delete it, but I thought before I do I ought to blog it. After all, I haven't been blogging much for the last year or so, and the information could be useful to someone.

By the way, I didn't invent these games, so don't sue me if something goes wrong.

Action Race:
This is a game that the children absolutely love. Using actions like run, jump, clap, run etc. the children race from one point to another. Have the children split into two teams and sitting in two rows on the floor with a chair in front of the first person in line. One student from each team stands up beside his/her chair and when you yell out an action, e.g. “jump!” the children must then jump all the way to the other side of the room and back to their chair. When the children come back and sit they must say “I can jump!” First student to get to their chair wins a point for their team. I like to give an extra point if they say the sentence properly, too. That way you can even out the points, so everybody wins. This is especially important to the younger kids.

Alphabet Ball Pass:
Have your children sit in a circle. Pass a balloon or a ball around the circle. Have each child recite the letters of the alphabet one by one. Once the letters have all been said, try and have the children each recite the letters, but not only their letter but all the letters previously said.

Balloon pass:
Have the children sit in a circle. While passing the balloon around have the children each say and English word. At first it is best is the children just say any random English word that they know, but after a round or two, assign themes to the game.

Line Up True or False:
Put a line of tape on the floor and designate one side the “true” side and the other to be the “false.” Have all the children stand on the line. Hold up an object or a flashcard and say something about it. The children then have to jump from one side, or the other. You can play this game in teams, count points or have the mistaken students sit out until the next game.

Musical hugs:
This game is very similar to musical chairs, except everybody wins. Play some music and have the children dance around. When the music stops, the children find one friend to hug (explain the hugs must be gentle, nice hugs). You can make different rules, such as when the music stops the children must find someone new to hug each time. There is no actual English content to this game, but it is really fun for little kids (I wouldn't advise it with high school students).

Sit the students in a circle. Hold up a flashcard and loudly say what it is (e.g. “pen”…”). Pass it on to the student beside you, who in turn repeats it and passes it on to the next child. To begin with it is best to keep it slow, but it gets funnier the faster you pass out the cards. To make it even more confusing, try and switch directions you are sending the cards out.

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