Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still More EFL Games

Clapping game:
Have all the children sit in a row or in a circle. Show the children a rhythm of clapping, (e.g. clap, knee slap, clap, and clap) and start the round by saying a word (it is best if you use themes: animals, foods etc…). The student next to you then has to, while keeping in the rhythm say a new word (within the same theme). If a child uses a word that as already been said, he/she is out for that round.

Color Circles:
This is a great game for really young children. Get some pieces of paper and draw a large circle on the inside of each one. Pin the circles on different walls of the classroom. Model the activity by saying “Blue!” and take a blue crayon and walk over to one of the circles and color a small part of the circle. Do this for each color you plan to teach. Each child should have their own circle and their own crayons. When a color is called out each child should color that circle a bit.

Color Bin:
For this game you need to have 7 or 8 little bins, paper cups, whatever you like that will fit the objects you decide to use. Each bin should represent a different color, and should have that color on the front of it. Have many different objects or pompom balls, several for each color. Place all the objects on a table in front of the bins and ask the children in which bin each object belongs. I let the children put the objects in the bin themselves and loudly we all say what color that is. I also like to say, “What color is it?” and say the wrong color, and try to place it in the wrong bin, this really gets a rise out of the children and keeps their attention.

Cross the River:
Place flashcards on the floor in a winding manner. Each card represents a stepping-stone in a river. As the students go across the river, they must say the name of the picture they are stepping on. You can play this game where you have two students racing across at the same time, each from opposite ends, or one at a time in teams. This is a great game for reviewing.

Stand in front of the class and demonstrate different movements, have the students copy you. After you have acted out a few different actions such as shaking your hands around or flapping your arms… invite a child to be the leader. One by one have the children come up, each moving in different ways and getting the children to copy them.

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