Sunday, June 14, 2009

Driver's Morals and Knowledge of Traffic Safety [Multiple choice questions]

In case any of my devoted readers plans to try to get a motorcycle driver's license in Taiwan, I'm going to put some of the questions from the "Rider's Manual" here and in following posts.

The main problem with the "Rider's Manual" is that it isn't actually a manual--in fact, it doesn't contain any actual laws or regulations regarding how to drive in Taiwan. Instead, it is a long list of multiple choice and true/false questions. Since it never tells you what the actual rules are (nor are there explanations for any of the correct answers to the questions), all you can really get from the "manual" is what the rules aren't.

Nevertheless, some of the questions are amusing.

To make it more interesting, I will not provide the correct answers. Interested readers may post their answers as comments.

  1. When encountering police cars, you can
    a. break into a motorcade.
    b. speed up.
    c. not break into a motorcade.

    [The nice thing about that question is that it really makes it clear what a driver's responsibility is when he or she encounters police cars.]

  2. When riding, if you see an accident you should
    a. leave right now.
    b. stay and help the injured and be a witness.
    c. lie if the police inquire.

    [Note the distinction--this is what you SHOULD do if you SEE and accident, not what you actually WOULD do if you CAUSE an accident, in which case the answer is reversed.]

  3. The most important thing for a motorcyclist is
    a. the moral concept of paying attention to public traffic safety.
    b. slow down.
    c. to pay attention to road construction.

    [This one left me wishing for a fourth option.]

I think three questions is enough for now. I'll include some more at a later date.

Don't forget to submit your answers (these first three are pretty easy, but just wait! They get a lot more difficult).

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