Friday, October 09, 2009

EFL Game: Animal Race

You will need a bigger space for this game. Have your children sit in a row facing the front of the room. In the front of the room, have two chairs on each side of the room facing each other. They should be placed so that two students can sit on one side of the room, then get up and go to the other side of the room and sit down again. Pick two children and have them sit on the chairs. The goal of this game is not about who the fastest animal is, but who the best animal imitator is. Tell them to “slither like a snake, hop like a rabbit, swim like a shark etc…” Be sure to yell “One, Two Threeeeeeee…. Go!” The children will leap from their chairs and race across to the chairs on the other side. Have the rest of the class judge who the best animal was and write their name on the board. At the end of the round have the best animals race each other. This game also is also great when learning about transportation e.g. “fly liker an airplane, etc…”

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